Dreams are bad. Projects better.

Dreams are bad. Projects better. Rino Breebaart


katie said...

I'm torn on this one, Reens. While I am a big fan of projects and support your argument for them wholeheartedly, I can't fully reject dreams. I think retreating and playing in your imagination is a terrific and necessary past-time. Particularly given the universally dire state of television :)

True, a dream can't happen until it becomes a project but a project originates from somewhere right? I think the real issue is self-awareness. A knowing balance between play and pragmatism, that's the key.

rino said...

True 'nuff. But I dislike the dreamers who only dream and then deflate when the dream proves too idealised. Instead of the artists, directors, writers who always have a project on the go. And who don't sit around *dreaming* of being an artist. I love pondering and daydreaming, but when it comes to creation, we need to skim off that 5-10% or romantic hoo-ha and look at things pragmatically, as The Work etc.