The "journey" metaphor (cheap rant)

Life is a Journey is a Cliche
Note, this rant is not a reaction or comment on Katie's recent post about Journey (Don't stop believing) and inappropriate emotions. It's just a minor, stingless synchronicity.


On David Foster Wallace, experience, writing

Write What You Know Is Wrong - Rino Breebaart
Note: this was written with the pre-rubberised Hermes (see below)


Re-covering a Hermes platen with an inner bike tube

OK - I've done it. Here's the process involved in putting an inner tube from a bike onto a Hermes 3000 platen.

First, go to the very helpful and detailed Life in a Typewriter Shop post by Tom Furrier on how to remove & reinstall the platen from the Hermes. Read his intructions very closely - it can be an easy removal but you need to be careful.

Remove the platen as per Tom's instructions.