The "journey" metaphor (cheap rant)

Life is a Journey is a Cliche
Note, this rant is not a reaction or comment on Katie's recent post about Journey (Don't stop believing) and inappropriate emotions. It's just a minor, stingless synchronicity.


  1. I feel the use of the word 'Journey' has become so abused because of the kind of subjective attachments we give the word. It evokes something - and takes people on their own mental 'journey'.

    I have walked through a a couple of stores belonging to a large retail department store chain of late, and on every occasion have heard an advertisement for 'Jim Stynes - My Journey', a book about a famous footballer-come-cancer survivor. In stark contrast, there's also another book called 'My Journey', and it was by David Hicks.

    There's several 'My Journey' albums that have been recorded by idol/popstars artists.

    I guess it is something used to carry people along with them, as though they are part of this. But it is fast becoming a generic and meaningless term.

  2. Scott - I'd completely forgotten about all the ~Journey~ inspired books and memoirs and cash-ins out there recently. Maybe - fundamentally - that is what a journey is: something you buy into... (perish the cynical thought...)

  3. Minor correction..Jim Stynes was, sadly, not a survivor


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