Speaking of cocktails...

Cocktail party effect - Rino Breebaart

Cocktail party effect - Rino Breebaart


Katie said...

That's fascinating, Reens. How interesting that you actually noticed the difference in how you could tune your ear in holland vs. rest of world.

I have had other friends mention that after living in a foreign country (where they did not speak to language initially), upon coming home or to an English-speaking country they actually found it overwhelming to sit in a cafe or busy public space. Their ear kept grabbing onto every snippet around them and had forgotten how to edit out irrelevant conversations.

My goodness, what a multilingual home you live in, btw. I struggle enough with English.

x K

deek said...

I have that problem too, but it has nothing to do with language. I just have trouble hearing and following in a noisy background environment.

I get bits and pieces of conversation and I really have to tax my brain to make a connection. I'm much better in a quiet one-on-one setting or writing.

rino breebaart said...

Deek - general noise does make it worse. I thought it was just a lazy brain or something - but it really is hard work for the brain! Especially at parties - brain says too much, and communication shuts down. Took me a long time to realise too - that I wasn't great at parties for that reason rather than being an antisocial bastard ;-)

Katie - you should come for dinner some time!