Declining music sales and presses

music industry myopia and arrogance - Rino Breebaart

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Wordherder said...

It's everything you say and oh so much more! When the music labels transitioned from vinyl to CD they automatically raised the prices. Albums that had cost US $12 were US $15 in CD. CDs had lower sound quality (Redbook CD format is awful); cost less to manufacture; less to ship; less to print up the various bits that went into the jewel case and had fewer problems with breakage and storage demands. So, instead of passing that savings on to the consumer it was seen as a chance to raise prices--hugely. And that was the beginning of the end of it. They screwed their customers and it led directly to the file sharing and other problems they blame for the downturn. They were the reason for the downturn with their own ridiculous greed.