On learning Latin (ex nihilo)

Rino Breebaart is learning Latin. There - now I have to.


  1. Why the hell not, indeed? That sounds very nourishing for your brain. My Latin experience is limited to one year of study and decoding the roman numerals at the end of television shows but I completely understand the appeal. My favourite thing about learning latin was using it to decode stories. It was incredibly rewarding.

    I did the Cambridge course and learned about Caecilius and his wife and family. At basic level you learned of him going to the garden to talk to his slaves. If you stuck around for a few years into the course apparently things got saucy with his maid. Unfortunately I never made it that far.

    All the best with your studies, Reens!

    x K

  2. My 13 year old son is taking Latin this year as his language (after a notable flame-out attempting Chinese last year.) It's still taught in a number of schools in the area.

  3. Mr Clemens, I think it's great there's still a few schools offering it. I know it doesn't have much modern commercial relevance, and I would've loathed to have to do it when I was young, but now... I don't know, it seems interesting - a test of learning and language.

    Katie - I've seen that book with crusty Caecilius and his family, and the website they've set up for it. But the books are pricey... and I just got Latin for Dummies (how appropriate!) and will go from there.

  4. Sounds like a great idea! I took ancient Greek for similar reasons in college (why I did that instead of the eminently more useful Latin I'll never know, but the professor seemed nice) and that was an epic failure; I just could not get a handle on it. It was all Greek to me...

    Although it took a toll on my GPA, I still have somewhat fond memories of the subject matter; it was interesting to study something so far out of my comfort zone.

  5. All your reasons are good.

    The best public high school in Cincinnati, and one of the best high schools in the US -- Walnut Hills High School -- requires all of its 3000 or so students to take Latin.

    How do you say typewriter? Machina scriptoria?

  6. Richard - let me consult the dictionary.

    Machina scriptio?

    That sounds like a blog... hmmm idea!


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