Jean-Luc Godard - Detective

Jean-Luc Godard - Detective typecast


  1. Prenom:Carmen from this era is wonderful, but baffling. Why is the action cut against rehearsals for a Beethoven string quartet? Of course, a stronger knowledge of my Bizet might help, but it would more than likely harm in equal measure, as, following your comments about a lack of love for the genre (Detective), the game that's being played here is denial of expectation, with no resolution. Obviously? It does have a wonderfully non-plussed shoot out involving a cleaner as well.

    What you don't get from these films are strong memories - all I've got from Carmen and Every Man For Himself and Helas Pour Moi are moments, lines, etc. The earlier films arrive complete from the archives of memory, so against the grain of their reception (fragmentary, playful). They're kingdoms which arrive as nonchalantly as a bunch of disconnected townhouses.

    So I guess I'm saying what you're saying after all - write them, i.e. do some more work...

  2. Stand by for more JLG...


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