Perdomo Criollo - 10th Anniversary

Perdomo Criollo - 10th Anniversary. Rino Breebaart


  1. Nice piece Reens - liked the diffuse float from flavour to considerations of other smokers via music. It is odd and humbling to think of what they did in that basement, with those ordinary instruments. The move to L.A. killed that sound and philosophy.

    Actually, reading this on a very sober and clear Monday morning, it makes me wish my body could handle a smoke and a shot of something stronger. Still, the fineness and detail of a cigar are nicely evoked here - cigarettes really are cheap crap comparatively, no? But I can barely handle one of those these days, and I've always hit my limits of alcoholic strength at beer and plenty of it. Sigh.

    Hooch on, Sir, Hooch on.

  2. Ah yes, the funk brothers. Was thinking of Jamerson on stock 62 Fenderbass, and particularly Joe Messina - an odd guitar tone because he used a hybrid neck or something - if you hear it on its own it sounds a bit tinny/cheap, but mixed in with the Motown band it sounds awesome, connected.

    Monday morning sobriety - like Jimi says - it's a drag man.

    Oh and I''m making it a personal rule that any cigar or hooch review must contain a musical analogy of some sort.


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