Notes on a Wilco concert

Wilco live in Brisbane 30 April 2010. Rino Breebaart


  1. Not surprised about the gray hairs, Wilco is solidly a Gen X band (I would know all about this.). Sorry to hear they had an off night, they are so polished and note-perfect on record tho that I can't imagine a live show would be able to beat Yankee Hotel Foxtrot on headphones.

    I saw Steve Earle live once (perhaps not your taste) when he had a cold and kind of phoned in his show, none of the politics or stage presence or anything, plus he just admitted he didn't cancel because he needed the money. Sigh.

    Hell of a live show: The Wrens. They're the best.

  2. Thanks for the Wrentip! Will check them out. But re Wilco - thin you're right - am starting to suspect they're the last GenX band. From here on in it's all GenY+ and retro acts (Stones, Wilco, and any number of other revivals, from Pixies to Spandau Ballet to Quo to ...).


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