The Net is Using Us...

The Net is Using Us - Rino Breebaart typecast


  1. This is a fascinating concept. It reminds me of some of William Gibson's work (he coined the term 'cyberspace').

    The point at which the net becomes self-aware could perhaps be termed "cybermorphic", rather than anthropomorphic.


  2. Joe,

    yes, this is right up Gibson's alley. I think he foresaw a lot of the technological impacts and moods of the current state of affairs.

    Also, this is not meant to be a literal truth, but a rhetorical technique that brushes very close to what could very well come about (ie sentient internet). It's a way of putting the technological advancement in perspective; a way of updating what we think of as 'human'. A brain is a complex network, the Net is a complex network, so...

    Also, this is the plant doco:

    and this is teh Kevin Kelly book:

    He calls the future state of technology a "near-living system" with its own imperatives. I think this is a very powerful idea - and begs a whole lot of speculation (will it have behave with intent, good or bad, ethics etc). And basically I'm taking that idea as a given.

    It can be taken as cybernetic paranoia, but as a rhetorical device, with which to maybe one day look back and trace the root mood and interactions that were the early signs of this Living Thing, I think it's bonza speculation.



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