Why I write (long version)

Why write - Rino Breebaart

This is a longer version/draft, slightly more bombastic, of a typecast entry for the TypeClack blog.


  1. Great post. I think that deep down, all of us typewriter enthusiasts aspire to be writers... otherwise, why the self-imposed torture of the NanoWrimo typewriter brigade, which I am contemplating joining with much trepidation? Nothing wrong with that. As Mike puts it, we've all looked at a book and thought, "I can do this".

    Thanks for sharing :)

  2. I've gone through a few stages of trying to figure out what type of writer I want to be, what things I want to write about, et cetera. I was very serious about novels a couple of years back but am now enjoying journaling and writing letters. Either way, I think a lot of what you are saying applies. Remembering ideas, expressing them, communicating--they are in all elements of writing.

    Regarding novels specifically, although I am not currently working on one, I regard them as a high form of art and I read them constantly. All of the writers you mention are fantastic for different reasons. As much as I love fiction, I hardly read any short stories because I love the novel so much.

    I have a book of interviews with my favorite novelist, Don DeLillo, and he talks a lot about the form of the novel, about what it means and what it can do. He also talks alot about his love for words and sentences, and he uses a typewriter exclusively, for all drafts, even to this day.

    Anyway, nice post.

  3. thanks folks. I'm starting to think that the thinking about writing is writing too. All part of the same quest, for form, articulation, conversation.


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