Inner space = outer space

inner space equals outer space - Rino Breebaart


  1. Your buddhist monk comment reminds me of the similarities proposed between eastern religious believes/structures and quantum physics in the book, "Tao of Physics".

    Its an interesting concept, if I am following you correctly. If I imagine a world with living chocolate elephants that mamba together in pools of pink lemonade, then I just created it and while I think about it, I am "really" there. I mean, in a near infinite universe, it has to exist, right?

  2. Inner and outer space would at least seem to overlap in the case of astronauts encapsulated in their tiny ship, bound for some interminably long interstellar journey, when they have nothing left to do but dream and their internal thought life merges with the external reality of their journey. Or something like that.

    Thanks for the deep thoughts.


  3. joe - I'm sure that with so little going on - something must out, and eventually the brain will begin to hallucinate. Like sensory deprivation stuff. I wonder what that recent Mars experiment in Russia was like - a team locked themselves into a cramped small environment for 6 months or something...

    Deek - you know, I'm sure a Buddhist would say Well, everything you pereceive is illusory, so go hog wild and imagine all sorts of pink elephants, they're just as real as reality.

    Now, when I write stuff like that it does sound like I'm on drugs. (mental note: chart the path of drugs & author drug use in science fiction.... interesting reading...)


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