Excuses, and Sherlock Holmes

Typecast analysis of Sherlock Holmes, AC Doyle and TV - Rino Breebaart

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  1. Well type/written.

    I devoured all the Holmes stories around age 14. They are perfect.

  2. The modern BBC adaptation is just excellent. I grew up reading the stories and watching Brett's portrayal. Formulaic, yes, and Doyle does indulge in letting only Holmes see clues that the reader does not (I think that reinforces the mystery) but they're all enjoyable.

  3. MC, I can remember watching the Brett portrayals on TV too - and being awesomely impressed by the skill of reading people on the street from the window of 221B - I thought this was the absolute height of intelligence and penetration. (Easily swayed... but it set me up as a believer in stuff like physiognomy). But - I didn't really get the books into me until much later, and a lot I'm reading for the first time now.


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