The biases of TV news (easy read)

The biases of TV news - Rino Breebaart


  1. Yep, this looks accurate.

    I never watch TV news unless there is no alternative.

  2. I find it concerning that whenever the conservatives in Australia get criticised on a government television or radio network, they howl bias.

    Like you, I'm quite dismayed at what has been happening in the media lately, and how little honest analysis is actually happening.

  3. One of the reasons there's no actual tv plugged in anywhere in my house.

  4. cheers folks.
    I get the feeling TVs are switching off all round. I think we have ours on to veg out after busy days.
    But then again: why, when you have internet news & feeds on during hte day on you computer, why come home and watch redacted and sillified versions on TV?
    Which begs the question, why hasn't tv and the web fully integrated yet.
    Anyhoo, one day at a time ...


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