A little ditty about Home and Travel

Home, travel, home


  1. Interesting thoughts. The topic is quite on my mind at the moment, as we are preparing for that potential move that I think I discussed with you earlier this year.

    From my point of view, having lived in three states, and two countries, I think you are very much right on the ball with the feelings surrounding moving.

    Which makes me wonder - are you currently doing a big move yourself?

  2. Well put.

    Finding home, and making it remain a home, and finding it again if you lose it ... they're all difficult things, once you're an adult.

  3. Scott - no, but the idea seems ever to be close to mind. Which is a worry - and I wrote this out of the mild fear that I'll never be too fixed in one place. And - when I think of 'my home' I can think of three ready places. Odd. Probably not unusual for a migrant who moved around a lot...

  4. Anonymous6:54 pm

    The home of a nomad. I never fully understand how such a life is possible for someone. After finding my first real home ten years ago, it's became very difficult to leave. And I guess it will become even more difficult, the longer you stay in one place.

  5. Anonymous11:09 am

    I've traveled most of my adult life. The longest I've been anywhere since 16, was five years, and I'm 43 now.

    I always said that when I finally settled down, one of the things I'd get would be a beautiful antique typewriter.

    Considering how quickly my collection of machines has grown, it looks like Portland is the place.

    One thing that worried me, is that the more I traveled, the harder it seemed to be to find that perfect place. A place that offered many of the traits of the various places I'd visited. Ie the more you search for a home, the harder it is to actually find one.

  6. Anonymous6:34 am

    Interesting thought - I find that home can mean a lot of things for me. Having lived practically all my life in the same town of Amsterdam, even though I've moved house every five years, the place I live has become this almost indecipherable palimpsest.
    I enjoyed your piece on Joyce too.


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