Grow in two minds (then file under: Bad Poetry)

Grow in two minds - poetry-like


  1. the doubtless**

    the doubtless in their present tense
    ascertain success not by any measure
    a foolhardy vice binds their vision
    of the absolute which we treasure
    perhaps it is with ease they traverse
    casting shadows tinted with perversion
    a skewed reality, a novel distraction,
    a cleverly disguised diversion
    with repercussions ill-conceived
    if at all they do consider
    for delusions of grandeur break the fall
    when the doubtless can't deliver

    * 'bad' as a descriptor of poetry is akin to 'nice'
    ** a poetic response to "Is that someone without doubt?" (filed under 'cataclysm of biblical proportions, travesty to the traditionalist rhyming pattern' poetry)

  2. Anonymous2:59 pm

    Two like minds! Filed under good poetry.

  3. The kindest reactions
    To questions of mind,
    Are patient readers,
    responses in kind!

  4. Could be. I hope so. We try, but never too hard.


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