Brisbane demolition: O'Reilly's Bonded Stores and Hotpoint House

Demolition in progress.
The Queensland Heritage Council has voted against State heritage listing of three brick buildings located at 105 to 113A Margaret Street in Brisbane city.

Queensland Heritage Council Chair, Professor Peter Coaldrake, said O’Reilly’s buildings, also known as the ‘Bonded Stores’, did not meet the threshold of heritage significance to the State as a whole.


"We looked long and hard at how to reuse the facades but the buildings are of such poor quality design and in such a sad state of disrepair that demolition is the only economic option,'' Mr Robinson said.

Demolition approval had been given for previous applications by other developers and he expected demolition to occur within months, so that a "green pocket park'' could be ready before the G20 summit.


  1. Sounds like a return to the days of Joh and the Midnight Scramblers.

  2. That was a disgrace when that happened. A real disgrace. After the Regent disaster, it's pretty firm that Queensland's government will never be trustworthy - no matter what party. People of Brisbane by large just let it happen, because they don't care. They only care if it is going to affect their ability to cram a Landcruiser down a busy street.

  3. Brisbane has always been easier about demolition... it's true (as I'm sure you'll remember Robert). A lot of eyebrows were raised when word of the 'dog park' got out. Oh really, there's so many dog owners in the CBD clamouring for green craplawns? etc.

    And you know, today I saw a cleaner/yardguy picking up stray bits of rubbish in the chained-off park. Odd, and odder. And yet for everyone else it's Keep off the lawn.


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