Basic statement of humanity

Basic moral humanism


  1. Hear, hear!

    Unfortunately, I don't think that "we all" share these values. Certain elements of the right that are on the ascendancy don't even care about giving lip service to things like human rights anymore.

  2. Fair point, Mr Polt. My thought: there's a lowest common denominator (of inarguables) that even right-wing wingnuts can't argue against. Surely.

    My other concern is their efforts at re-framing 'rights' to 'priveleges' are already too far advanced... daily the Overton window is being smashed etc.

  3. Very true Rino, I never thought I would see the day when lies were masqueraded as truth when it was proposed that there two true answers to a question. It is enough to send us down to the depths of despair but we must not go there.


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