Leonard Cohen was an island (part 3, prose consideration)

Leonard Cohen was an Island


  1. Beautifully phrased poems and reflections.

    Meanwhile, some people just don't get Leonard Cohen. Here is a bit of local news from my side of the world:

    "Dr. Albert Weisbrot, a Cincinnati family medicine physician ... has been treating patients through telehealth services during the pandemic. He said many of his patients were emotional and sad, especially while having to stay at home. Weisbrot traded in his stethoscope for a microphone this week to sing his patients a rendition of Leonard Cohen’s "Hallelujah." He felt the song was fitting to lift spirits, especially during Holy Week leading up to Easter."

  2. thanks Richard, that's a great and heartening story from your side of the pandemic-globe. It's reminding me we all need to communicate more from the heart.


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