Coleman Hawkins Forever


Coleman Hawkins was a god


  1. Hey Rino, I agree about the sihnificance of this genre... my jazz interests extend to a large collection of Blue Note CDs.. Lee Morgan and Wayne Shorter and Art Blakey predominate. Late 50s is my favourite era. I guess Coleman is slightly earlier which is probably why Ive missed him? Is there an album available on CD you'd recommend?

    1. Cheers Steve... I've only got two, a Verve compilation, and the really good 'Duke Ellington Meets Coleman Hawkins' -- that one's well worth it. My mission over the coming months is to check out more of Hawk's solo albums. Also, check out anything with 4+ stars on here:

    2. Hawk update: I think I did well to get my hands on:
      1. Duke Ellington Meets ...,
      2. The Hawk Flies High
      3, The High and Mighty Hawk
      All deserve a 4-5 star rating, with 2) just edging out the other two albums. Especially hard to pick a highlight on that album, perfect!

  2. I have to agree! Hawkins can't be beat. He played with the greatest of the greats, notably Django Reinhardt. I never tire of his rendition of All the Things You Are.


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