The iPad/Gadget rant, slight return

iPad 2 rant vs Typewriter


Tom Furrier said...

That's not a rant, but a well thought out argument against pop culture. You could substitute any corporate entity or pop culture trend for Apple. Well said! And there is nothing more beautiful than a typewritten page!

Richard P said...

You are right, of course. I enjoy Apple products myself -- they are well-designed, fun and beautiful, with vast potential ... but anything that creates dependence under the guise of independence should be suspect. We feel that these gadgets liberate us, but instead they provide new addictions.

rino breebaart said...

Granted: they are amazing machines. In some ways: the future of computers (the Post PC world according to Jobs).

The way I see it, it's all a question of sufficiency. A typewriter is perfectly sufficient at doing one thing well, with minor feature variations. An IpadPodPhone is ok at doing a much wider range of tasks, but doesn't give that This Will Do Well vibe. Because: it needs OS updates, apps, batteries etc. It also leaves you insecure because there's a better one on the way; and an even better, more wow-factor one after that. This is not just about obsolescence - it's a fundamentally insufficient machine in the long run. A tool - by definition, by necessity should outlast its immediate purpose, so you'd think. The iPad generates its own anxiety factor - which is the worrying thing to me, sociologically.

In discussion today: yes, the iPad may well be the next revolution, or rather the future of computing. Proof: they've got them on Star Trek Next Generation.