Conspiracy theories

Conspiracy theories. Rino Breebaart


  1. I love September 11 conspiracy theories because they're so incredibly indepth and convincing - until you apply a modicum of logic to them. After Katrina, I don't know how anyone could believe the US Government could pull off such a complex conspiracy. However, my politics are so far to the left, all government is eviiiiiiiil!

  2. haha - even in the face of GROSS incompetency on behalf of the government - some minds are still inclined to ascribe murky conspiracy and paranoia. But they make great stories.

  3. Thanks for posting this - you've articulated some things I've been trying to grasp at in seeking to understand CTs and susceptibility to them.

  4. thanks mr CS. But I think I've unwittingly taken on several of Hofstadter's ideas about con. theories, especially the pathological element (see

    I've been sneaking a few peaks at your D. Loon blog as well. Good stuff.


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