Moving house just ain't fun

Moving house typecast


  1. Wonderful! Pain aside, there is nothing like the catharsis of getting rid of stuff! Realising what you do and don't need. Also, a house in NEVER as clean as when you first move in and when you move out.
    So glad to hear it is green, spacious and quiet. What more does one need? Especially when one has 6 typewriters.
    Congrats! x K

  2. true, true, I'm really starting to appreciate the necessity of shedding...
    Re: the clean house - ah, the relief of it, the clearance of all that sub-couch gunk, cathair etc, but the narcy eagle eyes of the landlord with their checklist on final inspection!
    Next time, I swear: we'll gets profs in to do the whole shebang, and I will sit somewhere quietly drinking beer.
    Must - protect - sanity.


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