The Enemy is The People (rough draft rant)

The enemy is the people - Rino Breebaart

Some clarification: This is a rough draft. Ordinarily I wouldn't put such up (especially with grammar lulus like above), but it's got some nascent ideas. Second: there's a few Australianisms: Howard is conservative politician John Howard. ACA is the idiotically stupid, pandering, disinformative "current affairs" show, A Current Affair. Alan Jones is a shock jock figure who is not to be trusted but is somehow popular in the unreal world of talkback radio.


  1. Very thought provoking. Odd that I was just ranting on a local forum about several of the same ideas. Maybe I was affected by your thought-wave across the globe?

  2. It saddens me that halfway around the world the problems and their causes are so similar one can hardly tell the difference but for the names.



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