Kenny Rogers - Lucille

Kenny Rogers Lucille - Rino Breebaart

I forgot to say - what I also love about the song is that it's (lyrically) clearly signposted as being about heartbreak ('Lived through some sad times / this time the hurtin' won't heal' etc) and yet it also makes you sympathise effectively. It's hard to make the literally stated affective - unless you're soulful in delivery or songwriting.

Also, I wanted to to say I'd love the song simply for the way Kenny pronounces "whiskey".


  1. Oh for sure. It's very sinister. I have always been a secret Kenny fan.

  2. Anonymous12:14 pm

    I've heard mention of the song but am not familiar with it. I will have to peruse the stack of Kenny Rogers vinyl that my wife recently picked up from a garage sale for me.

  3. For all the secret and not-so-secret fans: here's a streaming version to refresh your memories


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