Typewriter GAS

Typewriter GAS - Rino Breebaart


  1. Oh dear! Sorry to be the harbinger of GAS (that doesn't sound quite right) - if it makes you feel better, you really can't go wrong with a Lettera 32; there's a good reason it won those design awards. And if you don't already have a compact portable in your life... well, even more reason to hunt one down. I think the Lettera 22 feels more solid than a 32; the rounded corners are much nicer too.

    I'm suffering from GAS too, myself, only this time for a Lamy 2000. Counting down the days till my birthday - thankfully not too far off - when I can make someone else buy it for me! You should put the Lettera 22 on your list too if the day's not far off...

  2. Oh, I often get GAS.

    I actually have been looking at Lettera 22's myself recently. Robert Messenger got me going by listing the machine as one of his "magnificent 5" portables. And let's not forget that it won an award in 1950 (was it?) as the best industrial design of the whole 20th century so far!

    I have had two Lettera 22's before, found in a thrift store and an antique mall, but they have both gone on to other people -- a New York novelist friend, and the daughter of a colleague. I feel the need of another, preferably tan to match my Lexikon. This is a typewriter that isn't really appreciated in photos; you need to feel it, inspect it from various angles, and use it to appreciate its fine and thoughtful design and mechanics. Fortunately it's easy to find.

  3. I hope there's more around in Australia - I just missed out on one by a dollar. I love the tan colour and the slightly curvier look than the 32. It only takes a design award or two for me to want it... does that make me a shallow Wallpaper reader?

  4. trying to find one of my own is what keeps me going back to Goodwill. I'm torn between the 22 & 32, but I've never yet found one. I'm hoping some of what I do have will be worth one in trade.

  5. Anonymous3:22 am

    You sound like an iPad freak!


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