Motivation for Creative Types (The Magic)

Motivation for Creative Types - The Magic - Rino Breebaart

Just to clarify - this is a draft and I'd replace a few sloppy phrases and usages, like "media" in the first sentence, which should read "artistic works".


  1. Anonymous12:46 am

    Well said, Rino. There are so many supposed "creative" people who are more concerned with the tools than the creation itself. I've played in bands for a long time (I've gathered that you did/still do, too) and there are so many people who get obsessed with certain drums, guitars, whatever, and who can't play worth crap. This has been going on since before the internet days but I do think that the instant feeling of the internet makes people even more prone to expecting fast results and tons of bands, writers, et cetera, think "online presence" is the same as "quality art". Look at artists who didn't depend on marketing, bands like Fugazi or Primus, writers like Bukowski, and on and on we could go...great art that "marketed" itself because it was great.

    I also like that you pointed out not griping about what is on the radio or published.

    So much time wasted on hype/new gadgets/better marketing/complaining about things; just get to writing/playing/creating good things!

  2. Snohomish - great examples, I love those bands! And Bukowski - I can't remember if it was you but someone on the typosphere recently typed & posted one of his little missives about creativity and necessity that I love: Air and Time and Light and Space I think it was... which I copied & saved to my Permanent Image Library for motivational safe keeping.

    I saw Claypool play last year, and it was one of the best and funniest gigs I've seen in... a good five years. Great sound, great playing, and even the Whamola - just comedically great and funky.


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