Thinking 'bout Mogwai

Thoughts about Mogwai - especially as Post-Rock - Rino Breebaart


  1. Would King Crimson's _Discipline_ count as post-rock then?

    I like your definition and focus on guitars and I believe you have it right, even though I also think of bands like Sigur-Rós that use a lot of organ and mallet percussion, as well as strings and brass.

    In writing my songs I have struggled with how to describe them for purposes of recruiting musicians to play them. "Post-rock" has never seemed a good fit, and now I think that's because I almost never write guitar parts.

  2. I haven't heard that Crimson album in a long while, but I'd say that prog in general is conceptually post-rock - but in terms of sonics it's more about virtuosity than sound...

    This begs a difficult definition of what Post-Rock actually is meant to be.

    In the guitar-context though, a band like Wire is definitely Post-Rock in my book.


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