More photos from the Brisbane Type-In 2013

Again, it was really great to meet up with Robert, John, Scott (who organised), Steve, Jane, Kate and the gang. I really want to do this again. Oh and Robert, I hope you have fun unscrambling all the weird pages of guff we wrote! And that Smith Premier 2-bank was like a code breaking machine or something... very interesting action as I typed a message to the U-boats.

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  1. Good grief! The camera was not kind to me at all that day!

    Some good shots there. I like that one of the group at the end there.

    Speaking of the Smith Premier machine... Did you see what Robert dropped into the back of my car?

    It was great to meet you. Should be fun the next time we get to get our machines out there.

  2. Added your report to type-in.org (:

  3. Anonymous3:44 am

    Great to see these pictures! Looks like a lot of fun

  4. sorry Scott! It's a pretty crummy camera. Can't handle low light, can't handle ultra-bright typewriters...

  5. Great photos dude, you've certainly managed to capture the awesome glowing electro-magnetic aura of Scott's silver spaceship!


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