Stars of the Lid, Ambient, Major Thirds

Ambient music, stars of the lid, major thirds, explained

Ignore my typos. I don't mean to imply that the Lid to sound bilge-y - I just wanted to appropximate the close navigation to such. Almost all ambient music is close to it, at least in some listener's ears - they just don't hear 'music' but an affectless terrain of pleasant light sounds only - undifferentiated pleasantness and hence monotonous. It's that small degree of craft in the best practitioners, the best artists of ambient, that makes the music so cerebrally satisfying. And also, I realise now: besides the minimalist ethic, I like it as anti-music, or antidote music, to the constraints of pop formats, songs with lyrics, or epics of virtuosity etc. Just calmness with none of the usual content of music. Just enough to build a sense of place.


  1. I remember listening "Music From the Hearts of Space" in the 80's. Now I'm more into Trance. I'll give a listen to these performers.

  2. Ahh, Hearts of Space, did Frank Forest dj that back in the day? I remember him from "Musical Starstreams" in the 80's, but recently found out that they're still streaming old shows on a website.

    I'll have to check out these recommendations (:


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