Donald Trump is the loneliest man in the world

Donald Trump is a Lonely Man


  1. You've led me to see that Mr. T has the potential for being the protagonist of a fascinating psychological novel. Let's hope that he doesn't become the main protagonist of the US over the coming four years.

  2. When a (indigenous, native) Mexican (like me) realizes the way the most American guy ever (at least, the one I have seen before) is hated by the rest of American guys, how Americans mistrust their own voting system (and therefore, mistrusting their presidential candidates), their own (biased and manipulated) media, and how Americans get poorer as time goes forward... the conclusion is "U.S.A. are getting Mexican"... :P

  3. Richard - yes - I was thinking someone of Ballard-calibre might do something very interesting to re-frame the whole Trumf. Maybe not quite along the lines of his Ronald Reagan piece, but hey...

    Josh - you mean like New New Mexico? That could also be a novel.

  4. I keep hearing "trump connects with people because of X' but really, I think it is because he fits an identity that many admire. Rich, vulgar but still respected, and 'telling it like it is' - a term that usually describes someone who is boisterous and ill-informed.

    And most importantly, he's still filthy rich while being all of these.

    I love your description though. I keep looking at Trump and thinking about all the tough-guy talk that landed Queensland with Newman. It reminds me of all the awful things we saw up there. And I know this guy is capable of far worse.

  5. Wonderful comments, it would be terribly hard for me to add anything that has not been covered already. I can only watch with a macabre fascination for what is going to be done next? And just when I think that he has plunged to new depths I am yet again shown that my expectations are too shallow. There are untold depths where this can only lead us. I feel a pity for the American people for the quandary that they are now in and I can easily understand how it all came about. Usually, the triumphs of the extremist regime are born in the disasters of the previous regime. History goes on and on to repeat itself, only the names have been changed.


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