Notes on content, creative work, hermit logic

Content online, hermit logic, etc

These are notes in progress for something more coherent; the logic is a bit sloppy; but it's something I'm working out on the backburner.


  1. This is persuasive.

    Typecasting is a kind of writing that's created offline and shared online -- the sort of balance you're recommending.

    Now how do I get my micropayments?

  2. I agree, but I think (well, hope) that with quicker internet and more ubiquitous usage, that the balance of the internet's "function" for artists- i.e. market place or creative/collaborative space will even out a bit. For instance muso's rehearsing via Skype etc. We can already video-game collaboratively online, I think soon we will be better able to create artistically online.

  3. Richard, for the effort of posting your complimentary comment, and for sharing that insight with millions, I'd like to reward you with a micropayment of 5 cents (the smallest AU coin). Pls send a SAE with a $10 handling fee to our office, and we'll mail you your payment. :-) no, seriously, you reminded me of a nice Kudelka cartoon:

    And Steve - you reminded me of recording a demo about 12 years ago, and the engineer was waiting for the time when you could collaborate & make musically online. That seemed like a long way off then... but it's much closer now. Nothing beats being in a room with people, but if you're making ambient music, it's perfect for collaboration. cheers

  4. One more difficulty with going hermit is that when you come back with your grand project, it may have already been done while you were away, and the worst scenario is when it is done so poorly that better efforts are dismissed.
    There is too much to keep up with. So much good content is out there that I can't believe how much junk is popular.


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