Re-covering a Remington platen

** Notes ** - in the above, I meant to say 'Letter-Riter' both times. I've swapped covers a few times on my Rems and lose track of the particular -Riter I'm working on. Also, when I say 'tyre' I mean an inner tube, not an outer tyre with the tread etc. OK.
* Edit * - this is the Hermes Platen Re-cover job


  1. Hello there! I already gave this tip on Richard Polt's site. For the feed rollers, you can recover them with shrink tubing for electronics. Easily bought in a hardware store, you can cut sections, slip them over the roller, apply heat and repeat until you have the right diameter. There is a multitude of gauges for this tubing and you can increment sizes until you are happy with the result. Then, with a sharp blade, you trim the sides and have a nice roller with good traction. If the roller is too old and flat, you can remove all the rubber and build up a new roller with this same technique.


  2. I have yet to try the bike-inner-tube technique but am increasingly curious. Thanks for the report.


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