Two-cent writing advice

Writing advice, only two cents


  1. Speaking from personal experience?

    You know... There's nothing wrong with dancing in the car. Except when the lollipop lady at the children's crossing spots you.

    I like this though. You are right - never check your phone.

  2. cheers scott. I try and live by steps 1 and two. Because you can't always force ideas to come. And when they don't, you should correct the ones that did. And then shuffle your papers a bit.

  3. I keep something with me to write down ideas whenever they come. I can work on these ideas in the spaces in between.

  4. One thing that bugs me online is the amount of writer's advice and tips and top tens there actually are. The amount of blag about writers needing a social media presence, to develop their readership relations etc etc. Things to do to get noticed. Self-publishing. How to market yourself. How to get rich with Kindle direct... To the extent that the modern definition of a writer is someone who advertises himself as a writer - not someone with amazing writing chops and ideas and stories and a burning need to communicate.

    Now, I did want to take the piss on that a bit. But I still stand by the points, in so far as they are practical (the first 2) and a countermeasure for distraction.

  5. I've printed this out to post prominently in my workspace, because it holds promise to boost inspiration for pretty much any pursuit that has stumbled into a low point.


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