The Cold Six Thousand

Ellroy - Cold Six Thousand - C6K


  1. I haven't read any of Ellroy's novels, but got an anthology of American noir for Xmas edited by Ellory and O. Penzler. It includes a short by Ellroy, "Since I Don't Have You." The story really stands out for the richness, density, and originality of its language. The slang and metaphors and imagery are so thick that it was LIKE reading a novel -- I was sated by the end!

  2. Anonymous2:41 am

    I just received your comment/question about Les Claypool's novel. I'm leaving it as a comment on this post because I don't know where else to leave it and I'm not much of an e-mail person. I would be interested in snail mail if you have any interest.


    ...It was like most stories in Primus songs - a bit weird, pretty lewd, and sickly humorous. I picked it up purely because of the author. I wasn't sure about the beginning but I ended up enjoying it. I wouldn't say it is great writing by any means.

  3. Snoho, cool and thanks for clarifying. I thought it'd be in the Primus vein, with more fishing. Amazing bassplayer too (of course).

  4. Richard - you have to read the Underworld USA trilogy, beginning with American Tabloid. Kinda blows the whole conspiracy-mongering 60s out of the water. Waaaaay beyond conspiracies... into some weird fictive merger with truth. I reckon he's one of the best novelists out there today.

  5. Anonymous11:58 pm

    Yes, I forgot to add that - the entire novel is centered around a fishing trip (of course). If you like Primus and all it's fun weirdness, you may like the novel.


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