Industrial estates

Industrial Estates - Rino Breebaart


  1. The mid-20th century highrise public housing projects of Chicago and St. Louis were probably uglier -- especially after a few years of use!

    Anyway, congratulations on finding a real, live typewriter technician amidst the desolation.

  2. Anonymous12:52 am

    I agree with you about the ugliness of the commercial areas. There is a place like about fifteen minutes from me. I worked at one of the places just after high school. It's really crummy that designers and builders won't do a litte more to increase the aesthetics. I guess they mostly just want to build a shelter for as little money as possible.

  3. RichP - are tehy the ones featured in Kooyanisqatsi, blowing up in glorious slow motion?

    Snoho - agreed on the ugliness of cheap factor. All it takes is a little something to improve things. And it sounds incredibly prissy to expect that modicum of something, but still...

    The thing is - I've seen a lot of ugly industrial estates and wastes of land, especially from train windows. But I also think once a lot is properly abandoned and left to weeds and rocks and determined shrubs - then it actually starts looking more real again. Removing the human activity factor makes it somehow properly abandoned - like it could be in a Sprinsteen video or something. That's when I like it again.


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