Veni, vidi, vici

 veni vidi vici - Rino Breebaart typecast


notagain said...

feel free to delete this but your post reminded me that way back nearly 30 years ago, National Lampoon suggested "veni vidi veni" for a similar application. I was pretty young at the time and things were not as easy to look up as they are now.

verification word: icaled

Anonymous said...

Interesting observation. As someone who doesn't go to nor ever has gone to a strip club, my first impulse is to say that the misleading design of the place is another way for unrealistic sexual pursuits to distort what sex is actually about. However, I can also appreciate what you are saying in regard to using symbols and phrases and historical references out of context. That is just bad art, is it not?

rino said...

notagain - I was thinking of making a cheap pun too, but yours is better!

Bad art (and even worse design) is everywhere - the trick is to avoid as much as possible.